"LOVE ETC..."  


October 2014!

12 Brand New Songs featuring Lowlands with Mike "Slo Mo" Brenner, Richard Hunter, David Henry, Antonio "Rigo" Righetti , Andres Villani and many more...

Available soon on CD/Vinyl/Download

 "It's the most fully realized Lowlands record to me, It's really a strong piece of work. " Rod Picott

 "This album is really good. The best Lowlands yet" Chris Cacavas

“Incredible record. It has heart, soul and love (etc…!), coming out of every note" MG Boulter (The Lucky Strikes) 

 “Too folk to be soul, too soul to be folk. This is a perfect in-betweener, with some of the best songs you'll hear in a long time” Stiv Cantarelli (SC & The Silent Strangers)

 “Love Etc… is beautiful. Full of soul. It has class, heart, talent…culture " Marco Diamantini (Cheap Wine)