On the 10th day of every month we’ll post here our top 10 list of stuff we dig…(we’ve enjoyed Jesse Malin’s list over the years! You should check it out too)

Here’s our Top 10 for March 2013:

  1. Polarville L’Aquila: one of the best music and book shops I have ever seen…from Somerset Maugham to The National …they have all the good stuff!  
  2. La Genziana:  our new best friend
  3. Joe Strummer & The Pogues (For Luna & Giuliano)
  4. Luciano Comida (we’ve been playing his song a lot lately) 
  5. L’Aquila Rugby
  6. I am Kloot: Great new album  
  7. The Sopranos: The real boss of NJ 
  8. Husker Du: saw this album on a shelf the other day… 
  9. I coulda been a contender 
  10. Boots of Spanish Leather
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Top 10 February 2013

Here's our Top 10 for February 2013: Steve Wynn & Chris Cacavas -  Tour of the year? Chris Cacavas - My new favourite song! Django Unchained - funniest scene Bruce by Pete Carlin - Rea

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Here's our Top 10 for January 2012! Shenandoah by Tom Waits & Keith Richards Buscadero Magazine The Great Malarkey Snow Jack White  Guinness The Pogues

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top ten december 2012

Here's our Top 10 for December 2012! 1 - THE HOUSE OF MERCY – London E8 2 - “BASED ON LIES” CHEAP WINE  3 - THE RAILWAY HOTEL in SOUTHEND ON SEA 4 - “Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea” THE PL


A record that will certainly cause casualties among the faithful. A record that needs attention and time to be listened to. Certainly this album stands above all their previous releases.  Mescalina            (Italy) I argued with Beyond, I fought with this album because it wasn’t what I wanted it to be…but the...read more